That Crazy Wrap Thing!

Crazy Wrap Thing

Discover the Secret Men and Women have used for years to Contour their Body

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NO matter what you call it, the Skinny Wrap, that Crazy Wrap thing, or the Ultimate Body Applicator by It Works, you need to TRY IT. You may not think you need it, but everyone wants it. Our powerful, botanically based formula delivers maximum tightening, contouring, hydrating, toning and firming results. The ingredients promote optimal skin health, skin nutrition, NOT  just water weight loss.

Our It Works body wrap is made of all-natural, non-woven cloth. Apply to any area of your body-(neck down) there is a specially made applicator for your face. the It Works Crazy body wrap stands out, as the world’s first to market body toning and contour wrap.

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9 out of 10 customers see results in  45 minutes, with more progressive results over 72 hours. Wear it anywhere. Wrap at home. Ease mess-free. Skin is tightened, hydrated, toned and firmed, and the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks are minimized. old in a box of 4 which is considered a full treatment.

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Firm, Tone and Tighten any Flabby, area. Reduce Cellulite and Stretch Marks. Nutrition for your skin! Slimming Results.


Detailed Skinny Wrap Info

STEP 1 – Take a before photo. A picture is worth a thousand words.
STEP 2 – Cleanse the skin with warm water. We want the cream from the body wrap to penetrate your skin.
STEP 3 – Remove the Skinny Wrap from its packaging and unfold.
STEP 4 – Position the wrap on to your targeted area, and smooth it over your skin.
STEP 5 – Once the wrap is on rest with it in place or secure it with plastic wrap, an ace bandage or snug exercise attire.
STEP 6 – Under your clothes. Wear a minimum of 45 minutes. (I wear mine 4-6 hours)
STEP 7 – IMPORTANT: Drink Water—at least 2 bottles while wrapped. This is crucial, Drink to Shrink.
STEP 8 – Remove the wrap, and gently massage the remaining lotion into your skin.
STEP 9 – Take your after photo (Maximum results occur over the 72-hour period.)
STEP 10 – For best results, use all four wraps, one at a time on the same area, allow 72 hours between each application. For FANTASTIC RESULTS Use one wrap, each week for four weeks on the same area. They are sold in a box of 4 and that is considered a full treatment.

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Get Your Body Wrap

NOTE: We do not want you to sweat while you are wrapped. No running or working out while wrapped. The all natural cream that is infused on the wrap is designed to penetrate the skin. Do not sweat it off.

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