My attempt to Lose Some Extra Weight

This weekend I started to think about a diet that I could start to lose some of the extra weight I’ve gained since the beginning of the year.  I thought about the products that I could use to fight this fat away and came up with 4 that I could use religiously. Thermofit, Fat Fighters, Greens, and Wraps. If I were to use these products consistently for 1 month straight, I KNOW I could lose a good amount of weight and be happier about my body.


I will take Thermofit 2-3 times a day to help curb my appetite and fire up my metabolism. It contains a thermogenic to boost weight loss along with antioxidant benefits of acai berries. It increases the rate of calories burned and provides you with more energy. The best part about this product though, is it’s completely NATURAL!


Fat Fighters I will take as needed, like after a meal with higher fat or carbs. This product helps to inhibit some of the fat and carbs absorbed into the body. This will allow me to enjoy some of the foods that I still love without feeling guilty!! Can’t beat that!

Greens will be one of my energy supplements. It also has 8 servings of fruits and veggies in it so my body is still being nurtured greens Lose Some Extra Weighteven while on this diet. Greens are a powder that you add to any juice or water and they taste great!! Some people prefer them in orange juice but my personal favorite is just adding them to water!! I actually crave the taste of Greens now!!


Last, of course I’m going to use the most popular product offered, The Ultimate Body Applicator!! I will use this once a week on my stomach to help tighten, tone, and firm it while I’m dieting. You can use the wrap virtually anywhere. I chose my stomach because it is my biggest problem area at the moment. I’ve seen amazing results before by using this product so I couldn’t skip out on it this time!!

I’m starting this diet today and will track my success over the next month!!  Look for a post in the future regarding my results!! Hopefully this will help you jump start your diet also!!


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