You either want to work this business or you don’t. I have begged, pleaded, left alone, cried, and about killed myself for DT’s that don’t really want to put in the work and effort. Anyone that puts in consistent effort with this business for at least three months will begin to find success. Period.

That doesn’t mean you listen to one call.
It doesn’t mean you blitz one day.
It doesn’t mean you wear your shirt for a week.
It doesn’t mean you have one party.
It doesn’t mean you post on facebook one time.
It doesn’t mean you message three friends and wait for them to call.
It doesn’t mean you sell one box of wraps and never order another one.

This business works but you have to work at it. Anyone who is consistently following steps to grow their business will see an increase. It may not be your timing to have a slow start but those that stay consistent will find success.
Put down the Candy Crush and turn off the television and get consistent. Then watch what happens.

Please trust me on this one! YOU CAN DO IT! #noexcusesfall


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